Why Jon Rahm would be top UFC fighter on PGA Tour, according to his workout buddy

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Jon Rahm is one of golf’s best players … and fighters.
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As anyone who’s played with him will tell you, stepping into the ring with Jon Rahm is not a good idea.
The major champ and former World No. 1 is one of the most relentless competitors in pro golf — a player whose ball-striking skillset makes him a nightmare to compete against, and whose overall talent earned both the praise and ire of Phil Mickelson from an early age.
But Rahm isn’t just a great golfer, says former PGA Tour pro and current PGA Tour Champions grinder Michael Allen. He’s also a seriously good fighter.
Some of that is due to the 27-year-old’s pitbull mentality. He doesn’t shy away from a fight, or from a moment, as his victory at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines last June proved.
But some of it is also due to Rahm’s off-course training, a regimen that Allen says is as impressive as his on-course ability.
“I sit there and work out with Rahm every day,” Allen told hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on GOLF’s Subpar podcast this week. “I haven’t seen him swing in person. Phil Mickelson said he’d never battle with him again, cause he’s that good.”
Rahm’s secret, Allen says, is that his training methods often have very little to do with golf.
“I’ll tell you what, he’s amazing to watch workout,” he said. “And you know, this guy Spencer’s got him training on this kickboxing thing with his elbows. I’ll tell you what, he’s also the top UFC fighter of all the golfers on Tour.”
Even without having ever seen him swing a golf club, Allen says he’s seen enough to determine the former World No. 1 isn’t someone he’d like to owe money to.
“This guy would do some damage to you, just watching his workout,” Allen said. Just letting you know that, if you do win money from him, good luck getting it.”
To hear the rest of Allen’s interview, including the hilarious story of how a $10 Nassau got out of control, check out the link below.

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