Who is Gold Man? Bizarre special effect on Players broadcast amuses, mystifies golf fans –

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Now on the tee … Gold Man.
NBC/Golf Channel
Critics have long panned golf broadcasts for not keeping up with the times.
On Thursday, NBC/Golf Channel took a bold step into the future with its broadcast from the first round of the Players Championship when an animated version of the Players trophy — a miniature golden golfer atop a pedestal — seemingly came to life and struck a tee shot on the Stadium course’s island-green 17th hole. It was scene straight out of a trippy sci-fi flick, a didn’t-see-that-coming special effect that left golf fans amused, awed and mystified.
But mostly mystified.
Golf viewers have grown accustomed to seeing Shot Tracer, wind gauges and advanced putt-break technology on their screens. But this was, well … something else. It’s called “mixed reality,” a real-time 3D rendering that appears to be merging with the outside world. The trophy’s likeness — and swing — is a blend of past Players winners, including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler, with “details down to the reflection of the trophy’s gold exterior matching the existing position of the sun,” the Tour said in statement.
Perplexed? You’re not alone. Social media reaction to the “golden man” was swift and voluminous.
I guess when you’re sitting on $20 billion in digital assets you can spend your money on weird shit
By Friday, the figurine had become a full-blown Golf Twitter celebrity. The joke came full circle when one of the PGA Tour’s own handles produced a meme.
I’m told the gold boy is now holding an offer from the Saudis. Incredible 24-hour rise.
Who is this guy and where did he get a gold squeegee
Naturally, the little fella even got his own personal account:
Warming up on the greens before his 2nd round. Will have to manage the puddles around the green, but shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Golf isn’t the first sport to work mixed reality into a broadcast. Last year the Carolina Panthers conjured an imposing mixed-reality panther that bounded into the stadium and tore down a New York Jets banner.
Check out our new mixed-reality panther that debuted today 🔥🔥🔥
“​​I think as we head into the Players every year, we’re always looking for the new way we can push technology,” Anne Detlefsen, senior director, digital content, for the PGA Tour, said in a statement. “We thought about a way we could not just do it for the sake of throwing mixed reality into our broadcast, but really add some extra layers of storytelling to it.”
Gold man’s star turn is just getting going. On Saturday’s Players broadcast, he is scheduled to reappear on the 17th hole and recreate Tiger Woods famed “Better than most” putt from the 2001 Players. On Sunday, he’ll channel a victorious Fowler, from the 2015 edition.
Here’s hoping he has rain gear.

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