This training aid fixes 2 of the most common faults in the swing

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Every golf swing is unique, but there are common faults a large number of recreational golfers exhibit. One common fault is disconnected arms, and the other is releasing the clubhead too early in the downswing. These issues plague lots of recreational players, but luckily, there’s hope to fix it.
Enter the Arm Alarm from WhyGolf. This product uses an alarm system to give you real-time feedback during your swing when you make one of those key mistakes. Watch the video above, or read below, for more on how it works.
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In high-level players, the arms work in one piece throughout the swing to deliver a solid swing. However, in many recreational players, that arm structure breaks down and the arms work independently of one another. The Arm Alarm helps fix that.
The product features two wrist straps connected by a magnetic string. All you need to do is wear the Arm Alarm and attach the magnets between the two. Then, make your normal swing. If your arms become disconnected at any point during the swing, the magnets will disconnect and you will hear the alarm blare, letting you know you made a mistake.
As you improve, you’ll be able to make a swing without disconnecting the magnets. And once you’re able to do that on a consistent basis, you’ll know you have the proper arm structure to deliver a solid strike to the ball.
The Wrist Alarm is a featured attached included in the Arm Alarm system. This attachment also uses magnets to give you real-time feedback when you release the clubhead too early in the downswing.
At impact, most experienced players will have a forward shaft lean. But for the weekend warrior, that’s not always the case. Oftentimes, they will release the clubhead too early and let the clubhead get ahead of the hands before impact. This saps them of power and makes for some inconsistent ball striking.
The Wrist Alarm attaches with a clip to your glove and then connects to the wrist strap with a magnet. When you swing, your goal will be to keep that magnet attached to the wrist strap through impact. But if you release the clubhead too early, the magnet will disconnect and the alarm will sound, letting you know you made a mistake.
Once you’re able to make the swing without the magnet detaching, you’ll have the proper shaft lean at impact, letting you make solid and consistent contact.

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