Mizuno ST-G driver and ST-G Titanium fairway woods: 5 things you need to know

Mizuno’s 2024 ST-G driver and ST-G Titanium fairway woods.
Ryan Barath
Realizing not everyone has the time to consume every piece of content on club launch days, we’re doing something different and offering a fresh version of our detailed tech write-ups that hits the high points. Here’s what you need to know about Mizuno’s newest ST-G driver and titanium fairway woods.
A lot of people forget that Mizuno was the first OEM to produce a driver with an adjustable sliding weight track, and although it has gone through a number of iterations, it is back with the 2024 ST-G to help adjust ball flight and dial-in spin.
The sliding weight track isn’t the only adjustable technology either, because both the fairway woods and the driver are also outfitted with Mizuno’s quick switch adjustable hosel.
You need to hit the ball with something, and to help the face of the ST-G driver better deliver more energy across a larger area the engineers at Mizuno utilize a beta-rich Ti LFS material. This titanium alloy offers up a 9 percent higher tensile strength compared to SAT2041 which gave designers the opportunity to push the multi-thickness face geometry further.
According to Mizuno, tour testing demonstrated an average 1.5 mph ball speed increase compared using the SAT2041 material.
Now behind the face and on the sole is the Cortech Chamber which houses a stainless steel weight encased in an elastomeric TPU. This filed slot removes stress from the club face to create more flex, while also positioning more mass near the face to lower spin and offer a powerful sound at impact.
It wasn’t that long ago there wasn’t a single Mizuno driver in use on the PGA Tour, but after dedicating themselves to pushing the limits of driver performance and working with their tour staff, Mizuno is producing drivers that compete and often win where it counts the most — in a fitting bay and at the highest levels of golf.
There is no better example of this than Keith Mitchell, who led the PGA Tour’s total driving stats* (combination of distance and accuracy) for most of the 2022-23 season and uses an ST-X 230 driver. (*As of the Fortinet Championship he ranks 2nd.)
With the ST-G Titanium fairway woods, Mizuno has pulled out all the stops to deliver the most high-performance and ultra low-spin fairway wood they ever have by incorporating titanium, steel and their new Cortech chamber into one club.
From top to bottom, the club features an internal thin waffle design on the crown to save precious grams, and thanks to the titanium body and face, a high-density steel weight can be placed on the sole to drive the center of gravity even deeper.
This means that both off the tee and from the fairway the ST-G Titanium fairway woods will offer a flatter and more penetrating flight.
The Mizuno brass has heard cries from consumers and when it comes to the new ST-G driver and fairway woods, so they’re offering them up both in right and left-handed with the driver available in right-hand 9.5 and 10.5 degrees and left-hand in 9.5 degrees. The Mizuno ST-G Titanium fairway woods are available in 3- and 5-wood right-hand, with the 3-wood coming in left also.
The Mizuno ST-G driver and ST-G Titanium fairway woods are available for pre-order now with the driver priced at $600 and the fairway woods priced at $400 each.
They will be available at retail beginning October 5th, 2023.
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