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Max Homa pokes fun at Tiger, DJ goes fishing and Min Woo Lee celebrates his win.
PGA Tour, Dustin Johnson, Min Woo Lee
Hello friends, and happy Tiger Woods Comeback Week to all who observe. The Hero World Challenge holds a special place in my heart because it gives us a fun photo of Tiger and Dr. Pawan Munjal every year.
Looking forward to this week’s iteration of “tiger posing with a motorcycle at the hero” photo
I’m excited to share the 2023 version of the photo with you all here:
These photos are so awkward that they’re incredible. The annual holiday season gift that keeps on giving.
I spent Thanksgiving in Rhode Island, where my family teed it up in a Turkey Shootout (okay, the boys in my family played the full round, my sisters and I went home due to the cold after four holes) on Friday. The unexpected MVP of the day was my 11-year-old sister Madeleine, who hit a handful of stellar shots with my clubs before taking her talents back to our heated living room.
My little sister brought her A-game today
Her swing may be unconventional, but it definitely gets the job done. I won’t be commenting on the state of my game at this time.
Without further ado, let’s get into it.
It wouldn’t be a proper Rogers Report without a brief update on how our favorite pros spent the holiday week. Let’s take a look, shall we?
We’ll start out with Jessica Korda, who has a lot to celebrate these days. Alison Lee, Megan Khang, Lydia Ko and of course her sister, Nelly, joined Korda for a baby shower. Allison Stokke Fowler, Maya Schauffele, Jillian Thomas and Nikki Guidish were also in attendance.
A post shared by Jessica Korda (@thejessicakorda)
I have a feeling that baby has already overheard a lot of golf talk and will be ready to hold a club in no time.
Next up we have Dustin Johnson, who remains as unbothered as ever.
A post shared by Dustin Johnson (@dustinjohnsongolf)
May we all spend our days off as relaxed at DJ is on that boat. And finally we have the Koepkas, who hosted on Thanksgiving.
A post shared by Jena Sims Koepka (@jenamsims)
As someone who ate their meal at the makeshift kids table, I’m very jealous of that set up.
It has been very fun to live vicariously through Max Homa as his friendship with Tiger Woods has come to life. Not too long ago he was just a tweeter (like me!) and an incredible golfer (not like me…) with a dream. From posting about Woods to winning his tournament to teeing it up alongside him at the Old Course in 2022, I thought Homa had just about done it all in terms of their friendship. I was mistaken.
Homa had not yet had the opportunity to dunk (in a friendly manner, of course) on the 82-time PGA Tour winner. When asked to name as many of Tiger’s wins as he could, Homa led off with “not Riviera.”
Max Homa asked to name Tiger’s wins and starting with “not Riviera” ☠️☠️
Talk about being quick on your feet! A friendship doesn’t truly begin until you can poke a little fun. Congrats to Homa for reaching that crucial step with his friend Tiger tWoods.
Just for a moment, let’s put aside the fact that Club Pro Guy is a parody account. I say this only because I don’t think Min Woo Lee was aware of that when he tweeted the following after wining the Australian PGA Championship on Sunday.
Side note: if you’re not following Lee on Instagram, you’re missing out. Of all the pros on social media, he’s the one who utilizes it the most. He even has a broadcast channel on Instagram where he chats to his followers.
A post shared by Min Woo Lee (@minwoo27lee)
A post shared by // GOLF Magazine (@golf_com)
Anyway, back to the clapback at hand. After Lee’s win, there was some discourse surrounding his swing online, and Club Pro Guy made a joke about Lee’s move. Lee either a) doesn’t realize Club Pro Guy’s entire account consist of sarcasm or b) realized it and didn’t care, and came up with the perfect response to the critic.
Sorry, what was that? I’m too busy winning
Mic Drop. The perfect reply! I’ve been advised not to interact with my critics on the internet, but if I had a massive trophy in my hands, you can bet I’d be all up in those replies.



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