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Last call for the ultimate Pinehurst trip
Tyrrell Hatton and Bryson DeChambeau at Augusta National.
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LAS VEGAS — Hello friends, and happy Week After the Masters! This week is usually sort of a let down for me once I return to Boston, but I’ve pushed that off another week because I’m now here in Vegas for the 8AM Invitational at the Wynn. Plus, we’ve got a Taylor Swift album coming out on Friday and Nelly Korda is looking to win her fifth consecutive start this week, so there’s still a lot to look forward to even if the Masters is no longer one of them.
We’re going to do things a little differently in this Rogers Report because the idea for Masters superlatives hit me late on Sunday night and because I’m the CEO of this franchise, so I call the shots. Without further ado, I present to you all the Rogers Report Superlatives (Masters Version).
This one was totally unanimous by the board of directors (made up of me, myself and I). Max Homa gave the best press conferences and quick quotes at Augusta National by a mile last week. Homa spoke about how he has been detaching himself from the outcome of tournaments and more focused on the journey, his gratitude journal, having a front-row seat to Tiger’s first two rounds and being “a dog.”
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Loved this from Max Homa after his round.

“If I catch myself thinking about what could go wrong, I let myself dream of what could go right.” #themasters
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Homa’s words with the media were the perfect balance of deep and fun (as shown by his Masters Sunday evening plans above), and it’s always a pleasure to hear what he has to say. He led the field in Strokes Gained: Good Attitude and Perspective last week, and it continued into his post-Masters Instagram caption.
This really depends on if you’re more of a sports person or pop-culture person, but for the sake of this award I’m going with the latter. Despite a handful of celebrities and athletes being on site last week, I have to give it to Harry Styles for being the most famous person I heard about being on the grounds all week.
I should really be writing my Day 1 Masters story right now but instead, here’s a play-by-play of my interaction with Harry Styles on the 17th tee box at Augusta National.

Gabby: “Are you guys waiting for Bryson [DeChambeau]?” (Thought this would be a chill entry point — I…
I was really hoping that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce would show up, but they spent their weekend at Coachella instead. I’m calling Styles the most famous patron because of the stir he created among his fans — Gabby Herzig’s tweet about it went viral in the One Direction community, and got a whole new fanbase to start paying attention to the Masters. Some fans on TikTok looked up the flight prices to Augusta as well as the resale price of Masters tickets once they learned that Styles attends every year.
And since we’re on the topic of One Direction, I’d like to take a moment to shoutout one of my favorite hilarious random golf memories: when Niall Horan caddied for Rory McIlroy in the Par 3 Contest and took a spill.
Tommy Fleetwood’s caddie, Ian Finnis, has been under the weather for a few months so Fleetwood needed a temporary looper for the week at Augusta National. He went with Gray Moore, an Augusta National caddie who ended up having a really, really great week.
Update: Tommy finishes in a three way T3. He won $1,040,000. So 8% of that would be $83,200
A local caddie guided @TommyFleetwood1 to his career-best finish at the Masters.

Augusta National’s Gray Moore was on Fleetwood’s bag en route to a T3 last week.
The local looper led Fleetwood to his best finish at the Masters. Moore, you deserve that pay check. And this Rogers Report “best caddie” award.
I know, I know. Going to the Masters is an extremely memorable experience. Playing in it? Even more so. In that way, everyone who stepped foot at Augusta National last week is a winner. But Ohio State graduate student is even more of a winner. He may not be Scottie Scheffler, but Shipley got to tee it up alongside Tiger Woods in the final round of the Masters, which might be as good as it gets.
Neal Shipley is a grad student at Ohio State and the only amateur who made the cut at the Masters.

His caddie is one of his good high school friends, Carter Pitcairn.

Today, the two are casually spending Sunday at Augusta with their pairing: Tiger
What a story he’ll have to tell for the rest of his life.
The content king (aka Bryson DeChambeau) was back at it last week. There is truly never a dull moment with Bryson. Whether he’s getting caught under a rope or bringing out a literal compass on the golf course, you can guarantee that DeChambeau is going to be up to something whenever he tees it up. Even at Augusta National.
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Bryson moved a sign at Augusta National, and thankfully there were photographers there to capture the moment. It truly became the meme that kept on giving throughout the weekend.
While DeChambeau takes home this award, I have to give an honorary mention to Tiger’s handshake with Verne Lundquist, who was behind a tree.
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From “Big Dog” to “Big Log,” we’re doing pretty well in terms of memes of Tiger greeting people these days.
I say this with nothing but love in my heart. Tyrrell Hatton was the crankiest golfer at Augusta National last week. And you know what? That’s his brand. He’s cranky on the golf course and funny off of it.
Yesterday, Tyrrell Hatton spat his disgust on the 12th tee and today on the 16th green we’re treated to further evidence of his total lack of respect for the history and tradition of Augusta National and the Masters Tournament.
Never seen someone look more miserable being -5 through 15 holes on Sunday at the Masters than Tyrrell Hatton.
Tyrrell Hatton Augusta National takes are the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s his take on “Firethorn,” AKA the 15th hole, AKA one of the most iconic par 5s on the planet

“That hole lives rent-free in my head. I hate it. I absolutely hate it. And I think it hates me with the…
Shout-out to our moody king for once again making headlines over something he doesn’t like about Augusta National.
Sammy Spieth, Maya Fowler, Frankie Fleetwood and Iris Lowry are the undisputed GOATs of the Masters Par 3 Contest. It was so much fun to watch them all run around last Wednesday, and they created the ultimate feel-good story for people (like me) who needed a little breather before all the really serious golf began at Augusta National on Thursday.
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JT and Jordan this! Cantlay and Schauffele that!

Let’s talk about the real best friendship in golf: Iris Lowry and Frankie Fleetwood
I say this as someone who also brought this dress to the Masters last week. I am not joking when I say I saw dozens of women rocking the Short Sleeve Hayden Dress from Byrdie Golf Social Wear at the Masters.
Great day at @TheMasters!
While our high school selves may have thought that showing up to an event wearing the same thing as another woman is a bad thing, that couldn’t be further from the truth at Augusta National. If you have the same style as another patron, you are doing something right. I encourage you all to add a green gingham dress to your wardrobes!

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