How golf helped this comedian build a loyal following

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Bob Does Sports struggled at first with golf before falling in love with it.
Bob Does Sports YouTube
Like so many of us who picked up the game, it was not a pretty start for comedian Robby Berger.
“We started doing it, and I mean, I was just horrible,” Berger — known to many as the host of Bob Does Sports — told Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on the latest Subpar episode. “I really was. I was awful.”
The host of the Bob Does Sports Podcast said despite his struggle when he started playing about four or five years ago, it didn’t take him long to discover a passion for the game.
“My buddy got me into it,” Berger said. “We would just go out and play, but, like, I fell in love with it. I loved it.”
When Berger and his co-hosts, Fat Perez and Joe Demare, started producing videos under the Bob Does Sports name, they noticed something about their golf content.
“Everything that we were doing video-wise, we noticed — I did like a lot of comedy stuff — the golf stuff is what was hitting,” he said. “So we were just, like, all right, we’re just going to keep feeding the golf stuff.
“We didn’t really know what we had. But when we started doing it and originally Bob Does Sports was — we were going to be going to a different event every week, which would have been hard for us to sustain due to doing, like, a different college football game, whatever it was, and doing man-on-the-street stuff there. But when we started doing the golf course stuff, people loved to see that. So we just kept firing that stuff up and, yeah, it’s pretty cool.”
Now, Bob Does Sports has more than 330,000 followers on Instagram and their videos are exclusively about golf. And, according to his co-host Perez, Berger’s game has come a long way.
“It’s way better than when you and I first started playing together,” Perez said.
For more from Bob Does Sports and Fat Perez, including their decision to quit their jobs and pursue golf content full-time, which PGA Tour star they’ve most enjoyed working with and how it’s felt for “Bobby Heckles” to become a recognizable voice at events, check out the full episode below.

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