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January is traditionally the month that apparel and equipment companies roll out their latest and greatest product. And 2022, despite the pandemic and all that it has brought, such as supply chain issues, is no different. 
Here are a few items, along with other gear news, that are trending this week. You can also shop now at our new e-commerce partner, Global Golf, for great deals on the latest gear.
XXIO’s latest full-line of clubs is light and will benefit players with strong swings. 
Just once it would be neat to sit in on the meeting where technology is given a name. 
Earlier this week, XXIO presented its first look at the full-line of X clubs — woods, fairways, hybrids and irons. The big technology takeaway from the non-irons is the ActivWing technology.
According to XXIO: ActivWing stabilizes the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces at work in the first half of the downswing. The airfoil generates lift, guiding the club to its optimal impact angle for maximum speed and distance.
If they could only make a hands-free driver that would drive a ball straight and about 317 yards, then we would all be in business. 
The company says the lightweight line targets “a skilled player with a strong swing.”  
The scheduled launch of the clubs in North America is Feb. 11. [Shop XXIO in our store]
Swing an Odyssey Golf putter from its 2022 Tri-Hot 5K, Eleven Series and White Hot OG collections fast enough and you can make believe you’re wielding a Jedi lightsaber. The reason? The candy red Stroke Lab shaft.
The shafts are lighter than the standard steel, which allows for versatile weight distribution. In this case, the weight is moved to the club’s putter head and grip end. The result is greater stability and, hopefully, better performance. [Shop Odyssey putters]
Cam Smith’s record 34-under par score to win the Sentry Tournament of Champions was simply otherworldly and makes you want to scream, “Why can’t I do that?”
Well, if it’s the clubs that are making the difference, then Titleist has you covered. [Shop Titleist in our store]
TaylorMade’s latest family of drivers are designed on the premise that carbon > titanium. The line of Stealth, Stealth Plus and Stealth HD Carbonwood drivers takes the step into that realm of new material. 
The key component of the new drivers is what the company calls a 60x Carbon Twist Face, which is essentially 60 super-thin layers of carbon sheets. The layering allowed engineers to create a face that is just 26 grams — 40 percent lighter than a same-size titanium face — but larger than its predecessors.
Lighter and larger resulted in higher ball-speed rates in testing. [Shop TaylorMade drivers in our store]   
Tempting. Mighty tempting. 
Lyle & Scott
The longtime Scottish-based apparel company is making a push to have its presence felt more in the United States. 
The brand’s High Summer 22 collection has a bit of everything for everyone or, as Chris Somerton, head of golf at Lyle & Scott, says, “The classic, the rebel, the wannabe pro, can all proudly choose Lyle & Scott.”
Highlights of what’s in store, per Lyle & Scott:
> Topographic Patterns and Prints: Inspired directly from the view of the golf courses seen from above, the range brings a statement, yet relatable, pattern that has been carefully inserted into the range, from jacquard knitwear and fully printed polos to subtle inner-placket contrast and embroidery additions.
Windjammer Capsule: Lyle & Scott’s storied Windjammer capsule has been reinterpreted for the modern golfer, featuring the brand’s proprietary Windjammer fabric – a highly protective, windproof, water-repellent bonded fleece softshell. Key styles include a hoodie, a quarter-zip mid-layer and pants.
Archive-Inspired Designs: Taking direct inspiration from the Lyle & Scott archive, we combined the textures from the past with embroidery details to create The Gregor capsule, a tight selection of styles that looks at the brand’s history to create iconic styles for the modern golfer.
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