FIRST LOOK: All new PXG Gen 6 series woods and irons

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PXG Gen6 irons
Ryan Barath
After launching its own golf ball just a month ago, the countdown began for PXG to follow up its Gen 5 line of clubs with a fresh update. Now, after much anticipation and speculation, the wait is over. The Gen 6 is ready to hit the market — and we have all the details on everything from the new drivers down to irons.
To start off, the PXG Gen 6 series is comprised of two very distinct models: the 0311 and the 0311XF, and this segmentation is carried through the entire line. The 0311 clubs are designed for golfers seeking a combination of performance and forgiveness, while the 0311XF clubs are designed with maximum forgiveness from top to bottom. The biggest change from Gen 5 belongs in the woods, where PXG engineers have created a much larger separation between the standard 0311 and the 0311 XF to better help golfers find the right clubs for them.
The PXG Gen 6 drivers feature a number of technology improvements as well as some continuation from previous models.
From a construction perspective, the biggest change in the new line is a new robotic polishing technique used in the manufacturing process to tighten CT tolerance for better ball speeds.
The new PXG Gen 6 driver uses a high-speed titanium 421 face, which allows the engineers to push the envelope on face thickness and save weight around the head. When paired with the new robotic polishing, PXG has been able to further increase the COR area of the face, enhancing sound and feel.
Other areas of improvement include tuned acoustics and internal adjustments to the center of gravity to lower spin. When tested at a 100 mph swing speed, the Gen 6 0311 spins close to 500 RPMs less than Gen 5, and the 0311 XF spins 150 RPMs less.
Both 0311 drivers are available in right and left-handed models, with the 0311 coming on lofts of 7.5, 9, and 10.5 degrees, while the 0311XF is available in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees.
As mentioned at the top, the fairway woods and hybrids are split into the 0311 and 0311XF models. One of the biggest differences between the two models is simple: size. The 0311XF (3-wood) is a monstrous .25 inches longer heel-to-toe and .30 inches deeper front-to-back than the standard Gen 6 0311.
From a club design perspective, .25 inches is significant, helping add to the 0311FX’s forgiveness.
As for other design characteristics, the fairway woods and hybrids share a square face profile to expand the hitting area and increase MOI. The XF fairway woods and hybrids utilize a square-railed sole design to keep turf interaction low, even with the expanded profile of the heads.
The 0311 fairway woods come in right and left-handed lofts of 13, 15, 18, and 21 degrees.
The 0311XF fairway woods come in right and left-handed lofts of 16, 17, 19, and 22 degrees.
The 0311 hybrids come in right and left-handed lofts of 17. 19, 22, and 25 degrees.
The 0311XF hybrids come in right and left-handed lofts of 19, 22, 25, 28, and 31 degrees.
Now to the star of the PXG lineup, and the clubs they built their reputation on: the irons.
PXG has long touted itself on having the thinnest face in golf, and with Gen 6, the company is taking it even thinner — 15 percent thinner — saving an extra 5 grams of weight to redistribute around the head for added forgiveness. The thinner face combined with an improved center of gravity makes the 0311 and 0311XF irons the most forgiving the company has ever made.
This is possible thanks to the same robotic polishing techniques used to optimize the driver, combining the a high-strength face with a five-times-forged body.
The full line of PXG Gen 6 products will be available for order online at and in PXG stores starting Thursday, March 23.
The driver is priced at $499, fairway woods at $299, hybrids at $289, and irons at $219 each.
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