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Callaway’s new Paradym Star irons.
Jonathan Wall
It’s simple physics that applies to cars, rockets, airplanes and even golf clubs: if you can retain energy while reducing weight, it’s going to go faster, and with Callaway’s Paradym Star line, reduced weight means increased distance for players looking to gain back lost yards.
The new Paradym Star line isn’t just about what’s inside, but what’s not inside and out, and to bring this line to life the engineers at Callaway have removed everything detrimental to golfers looking for added distance by removing all unnecessary weight.
For the driver, fairway woods and hybrids, that means taking away the adjustable hosels to help lower the center of gravity, while also building in a more draw-biased weighting. For the irons, it means a lower profile and more loft to add launch and carry distance.
As far as weight is concerned, the Paradym Star driver is around 15% lighter than a standard game-improvement driver and comes in at approximately 272 grams of total weight — to put that mass into perspective a standard 8-iron head on its own weighhs around 275g. Heck, a standard Paradym driver headcover comes in around 125g (yes I actually weighed one).
“The total driver package is around 270-274 grams depending on the shaft. And the premium UST Attas shaft uses T1100 fibers, which allows us to get into a lightweight configuration,” said Dave Neville, Sr. Director of Callaway Equipment, “This is great for players that need more draw bias and launch, but they want all the best features of Paradym.”
This is a perfect example of how a golf club is designed as a full system rather than as separate components that just come together at the end. By designing from grip to head it’s possible to better target specific player categories, and for Callaway and the Paradym Star line, that means golfers with moderate swing speeds looking for distance.
The fairway woods and hybrids follow the same formula and have a reduced average mass of 28 grams and 33 grams respectively.
The carbon components of both clubs in the line as well as the elimination of the hosel do a great job of increasing launch to help with carry distance and also stopping power on longer shots which is where golfers with less speed really struggle. For those needing the most help possible, the Paradym Star fairway woods go all the way up to a 9 wood with 25 degrees of loft.
The Star hybrids maintain all of the design attributes of the standard Paradym hybrids, including the MIM weight in the head to generate more consistent flight on shots hit around the face, along with the cut wave sole for better turf interaction. Thanks to the lighter overall head weight the final lengths are 1/4″ longer to help with speed generation and a touch more draw bias.
The Star irons offer one of the biggest departures from the standard model because they are not only shaped differently to help increase launch but the clubs feature more loft club to club (30-degree 7-iron vs. 27 degrees in the standard model) to help produce more spin for extra carry.
All of this is on top of the on average 33 grams lighter total weight per club in the set.
“We’re confident with what we’ve done with our Tungsten in this iron. It’s really helping to lower the center of gravity and it’s going to help golfers generate increased launch,” says Brian Williams, Callaway VP of R&D, “This is one of those irons where we want golfers to get it up in the air, and get to a peak apex height, and generate more carry. Between the lightweight and the CG positioning, we should have a nice recipe here for distance with this player.”
The new Callaway Paradym Star line is available for presale starting August 18th, and the product will be on retail shelves beginning September 15th.
The driver is priced at $699.99, the fairway woods are $399.99 each, the hybrids are $349.99 each, and the irons are priced at $1499.99 for a 6-piece set or $250/club.
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Ryan Barath is GOLF Magazine and’s senior editor for equipment. He has an extensive club-fitting and -building background with more than 20 years of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, including PGA Tour players. Before joining the staff, he was the lead content strategist for Tour Experience Golf, in Toronto, Canada.


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