Best golf headcovers: protect your clubs in style

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Golf headcovers are a growing segment of golf accessories found in green grass golf shops, big box golf stores, and online, of course. After assuming the expense of new golf clubs, choosing new headcovers, if you prefer, over those that came with your clubs can be a fun and exciting way to personalize your golf bag design.
Golf headcovers are an afterthought to some golfers, but with a variety of stunning colors, styles, and designs to choose from, golfers should enjoy the experience of shopping for new headcovers. After all, with many customization services available, you can truly make your golf headcovers a reflection of your own interests and personality.
Best durable headcover: J.Lindeberg Driver Headcover
Best budget: Barstool Golf Ain’t No Hobby Driver Headcover
Best runner-up: Seamus Hiwahiwa Aqua
Best style: Smathers & Branson Rolling Stones Needlepoint Driver Headcover
Best hand-knit: Jan Craig Driver 460 Headcover Tassel
Best customizable: Patrick Gibbons Custom “Three Stripe” Headcover
Best for any weather: Mizuno Ribbon Driver Headcover
Best leather: Dormie Workshop Headcovers the Notorious Cover
Best wool: Reinland Golf Company Bemossed Headcover
Best design options: Daphne’s Headcovers Peacock
Best for Birdie Juice fans: Birdie Juice Driver Headcover: Colt + Drew
We researched manufacturer specifications, including price point, durability, style, design, material options, and more, to create a shortlist of the top golf headcovers. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best golf headcovers for each category.
All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.
— Made of synthetic leather for durability
— Lined on the inside for added club protection
— Stripe detail and contrasting colors for an attractive look
The J.Lindeberg Drive Head Cover is made of durable synthetic leather that should last many rounds of golf. The soft interior lining means your driver head will be protected every time you take the headcover off and put it back on. Aesthetically, this headcover is stylish with stripe detail, contrast colors, and the attractive J.Lindeberg logo prominently displayed.
Material: Synthetic leather | Colors available: 2
— Polyurethan leather and soft fleece
— Water-resistant
— Spot clean before dirt sets in
The Barstool Sports Golf Ain’t No Hobby Driver Headcover is made of polyurethane leather on the outside and soft fleece on the inside. Available in four colors, it’s water-resistant and can be spot cleaned when it gets dirty. However, if you happen to play a round in the rain, be sure to air dry it instead of throwing it in the dryer. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes toward the Kisner Foundation, supporting youth in education, health, and support.
Material: Polyurethane leather (outside), soft fleece (inside) | Colors available: 4
— Fleece lining for maximum club protection
— Available in Drawstring and Zippered Pouches
— Personalized leather label available
For those looking to bring their beach to the course you won’t need a Corona. With the Seamus Hiwahiwa Aqua headcover, men and women alike will be able to add a pop of color to the golf bag with the Aqua blue and accents of bright, tropical flowers. Made from densely woven cotton fibers, the Bark Cloth fabric resembles the look of tree bark, drawing heads from those around. Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands the next time you step on the course with this well crafted Seamus headcover.
Material: Densely woven cotton Bark Cloth | Colors available: 1
— Made with 100% hand-stitched needlepoint
— Finished with Italian leather
— Lined with ultra-soft fleece
This one-of-a-kind Rolling Stones Driver Headcover is made of the highest quality you can get: hand-crafted needlepoint, finished with Italian leather, and lined with ultra-soft fleece so your clubhead is protected. It fits any modern driver head up to 460cc. It’s a bit pricey for a golf headcover, but when you consider what you’re getting, it’s well worth it. Beware, however, as you’ll surely be inundated by fellow golfers asking, “Where’d you get that headcover?”
Material: 100% hand-stitched needlepoint, Italian leather finish, fleece lining | Colors available: 1
— Made of 100% worsted wool
— Functional and stylish
— Elastic built-in for a better fit
Lauded by such publications as Vanity Fair, Jan Craig golf headcovers are an exceptional addition to your golf bag. These headcovers, made of 100% worsted wool, are hand-knit and provide a stylish yet functional option for protecting your prized golf clubs. They come in nearly 40 color options and are available for your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. Stock orders ship immediately, but custom orders take a month to ship, so if it’s a gift, plan accordingly.
Material: 100% worsted wool | Colors available: 39 + customizable option
— Handmade genuine leather
— Fully customizable
— Interactive website walks consumer through customization process
The Patrick Gibbons Custom “Three Stripe” Headcover is constructed of handmade genuine leather and is fully customizable. The Patrick Gibbons interactive website walks the consumer through the customization process, from the base color and top stripe color to the bottom stripe color, number color, “hand” color, “made” color, and custom embroidery text. This process makes ordering these headcovers as enjoyable as actually receiving them and adding them to your golf bag. Custom-embroidered orders aren’t returnable, and for the products that are returnable, there’s a 25% restocking fee.
Material: Handmade genuine leather | Colors available: 6 base colors
— Unique, eye-catching design
— Affordable
— Conversation starter
Avid listeners of Colt and Drew’s Birdie Juice Podcast, the creative team made a driver cover just for you. With a sleek blue and white design, featuring the unmistakable cartoon characters, donning this headcover on your driver is sure to start some conversations on the course. Whether you run into other fans of the podcast or introduce it to the unfamiliar, throw the headcover on your club to show your support for Colt and Drew.
Material: Unconfirmed | Colors available: 1
— Made of polyurethane leather
— Exterior can withstand weather changes
— Great price for quality Mizuno product
The Mizuno Ribbon Driver headcover is made of durable synthetic leather to withstand any weather and for long-lasting color. With stunning white and blue colors that’ll make any golf bag visually pop, the driver headcover is offered at a great price, and there’s even a three-pack that includes headcovers for your 3-wood and 5-wood as well. 
Though beautifully presented, some consumers won’t consider Mizuno headcovers unless they have Mizuno clubs. You should check them out for yourself before making that decision. There are, however, limited color options, mitigating the decision process a bit.
Material: Synthetic leather (outside), polyester (inside) | Colors available: 2
— One-of-a-kind design
— Vibrant colors
— Leather construct with additional leather applique of classic Notorious B.I.G. golf chain
One-of-a-kind isn’t a cliche when describing the Dormie Workshop Notorious Cover driver headcover. Made of full-grain leather and accented with additional leather applique to represent the legendary Notorious B.I.G. hip-hop artist, this headcover will change the look of your golf bag forever — and will trigger conversation every time you hit the links.
The embroidery colors are stunning, and the leather is top quality. If you prefer a different artist, the Dormie Workshop creative team will work with you to customize almost any design. This design is only offered in driver on the website, but you can contact the company to initiate a similar design for your fairway woods and hybrids.
Material: Full-grain leather | Colors available: 1
— Made of locally sourced 100% Pendleton wool
— Pattern variations in production mean no 2 headcovers are identical
— Elastic band for stability, and added layer of batting for protection
Made of locally sourced 100% Pendleton wool and lined on the inside with soft fleece, the Reinland Golf Company Bemossed Headcover is an attractive addition to any golf bag. With pattern variations that naturally occur during production, no two headcovers are truly identical, meaning yours will be one-of-a-kind.
An elastic band is added for stability when securing the clubhead, and a layer of batting is included for extra club protection. Since wool doesn’t absorb water, these headcovers won’t get inundated with moisture. Lack of brand name recognition might deter some consumers, but those in the market for new headcovers should surely check these out.
Material: 100% wool | Colors available: 1
— Extensive line of unique headcover options
— Custom embroidery available
— Made with premium soft faux fur
Daphne’s is a leading name in golf headcovers across the industry. With an extensive line of unique options, including the fun and vibrant Peacock, Daphne’s headcovers are made of premium faux fur that is soft to the touch but protective of your prized golf clubs. Focusing on legendary service, customers enjoy custom embroidery, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty.
Material: Premium soft faux fur | Colors available: Peacock + other animals
Golf headcovers are something that every golfer needs, yet everyone feels differently about them. Some will simply throw any headcover on their clubs to reduce the noisy rattling and lessen the damage-causing friction on their clubs. Others are as passionate about their headcovers as they are about their golf clubs. Price points vary, and designs, colors, and materials all differ. This is a fun segment of golf accessories to shop for. We hope this review will help in that endeavor. 
What’s your golf budget? Did your clubs leave little room for adding a unique headcover or two to protect your prized investment? Headcover manufacturers are creating golf headcovers out of synthetic leather, genuine leather, wool, and even needlepoint. Do your homework in terms of durability, effects of rain, and level of protectiveness on your clubs themselves. 
Price points on golf headcovers can vary greatly. You don’t have to break the bank to secure a protective and resourceful golf headcover for your golf clubs.
There is a veritable plethora of different styles available when it comes to golf headcovers. You can choose simple colors or elaborate designs that are works of art more than they are part of your golf equipment arsenal. 
The durability and protectiveness of your golf headcovers can vary based on the material from which they were constructed. Most headcovers are lined with soft fleece on the inside, which adds protection; others have elastic bands that secure the headcover on your club. 
Professional golfers use headcovers on their woods, hybrids, and putter. You’ll rarely, if ever, see a pro with headcovers on their irons. Their headcovers are most often that of the club manufacturer they’re contracted with, but you’ll sometimes see creativity, as with the Tiger that’s donned Mr. Wood’s drivers for almost three decades.
You want to cover your driver, fairways, woods, hybrids, and putter. Iron covers are unnecessary, as they’re cumbersome to maneuver during a round of golf. Headcovers are a great way to customize your golf bag and add your own personality to its presentation.
Yes, with the clubs that warrant a headcover (driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and putter), you’ll take them off for each shot and put them back on again. They’ll reduce damage to those expensive woods and putters when walking or riding the golf car.

Vinnie Manginelli is a PGA Professional in Kingston, New York. He’s a freelance writer and editor, golf blogger, and college golf coach with more than 20 years of golf teaching and administrative experience. He has a Master’s Degree in English from Southern New Hampshire University and has been able to marry his two loves – golf and writing.


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