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LOS ANGELES – Adam Scott admitted Wednesday that he has engaged in discussions with the Saudi-backed Super Golf League and finds some of the rival tour’s proposals appealing.
“But like everyone else, we’re sworn to secrecy,” Scott said, presumably referring to the non-disclosure agreements that some players, including Lee Westwood, reportedly have signed.
Scott, who has dropped to No. 46 in the world, said that a limited schedule of 10 to 14 events, as rumored, would be “very appealing to probably most golfers.”
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“Depending what your goals are in golf, I think the schedule is very appealing,” he said. “From that side of things, I would consider doing that, for sure. From a lifestyle side of things, yes.”
As his career progressed and his family expanded, Scott, 41, has crafted a more limited schedule in an attempt to peak for the biggest events. He has never competed in more than 23 worldwide events since 2010.

“When there’s only a proposed 14 events, let’s say, and you might pick to play some other events, there seems to be time for a legitimate offseason,” Scott said. “I think that’s really missed on the PGA Tour from all aspects, but certainly from the top players. I think we would all like to see a break, and a break where you’re not penalized for taking a break. I think that’s one of the big things.”

The current fall schedule – nine events – would become a seeding series for those who qualified for the previous season’s playoffs. reported Wednesday that the Tour Player Advisory Council has discussed creating a three-event fall series for the top 50 players that would feature guaranteed paydays and not count toward the season-long FedExCup standings.
That’s another example of how Scott said that perceived threat is “strengthening the professional game” by forcing the PGA Tour to pump more money into incentive programs for the game’s best players. 
“How everything else pans out, I don’t know,” he said, “but at the moment, I think it’s good that these things are happening for golf professionals.”

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