A squeaky-clean technique to clean your grimy golf grips (and save money doing it)

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No matter which grips you use, making sure they’re clean is a must.
They’re your only connection to the club, so why are you treating your grips with so much disrespect? They deserve more.
A bucket of warm, soapy water remains the obvious answer when those dirty handles — be they Golf Prides, Lamkins or any other from the game’s major grip manufacturers — need to be cleaned. And this means a few times a season. The oil and sweat from your mitts will break down the rubber over time, but semi-regular baths can extend the life of any grip.
Wiping down wet grips with a fresh towel should bring back some of the tacky feeling, but if that isn’t enough, try adding a common household item: Windex.
“It’s going to sound like something straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” says Fully Equipped cohost and GOLF’s new equipment guru Ryan Barath, “but I still believe in the process of hitting the grips with hot water, soap and giving them a little scrub as often as possible. Here’s the secret sauce, however: While your grips are still warm and a little bit wet, hit them with some Windex and give them a nice scrub. They’ll feel like new.
“Just remember to do this only on rubber grips — not anything with leather.”
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