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Welcome to Stuff Golfers Should Know, a series in which we reveal all kinds of useful golf (and life!) wisdom that is sure to make you the smartest, savviest and most prepared player in your foursome.
Let’s clear something up right away; you don’t actually have to own a home to have these things, you just need the proper space. If you have that, you’re golden.
Full disclosure: this story idea came from my daily scrolling, in which I stumbled across some sponsored post highlighting things every garage must have. Good idea, I thought, but what are the essential things every golfer must have? I brainstormed a few of the most important. Check them out below and, more importantly, stock up next time you get a chance.
I like to stay organized. And if you are an avid golfer, you know your stuff — shoes, balls, clubs, gadgets and more — can add up in a hurry. Let one of these lockers do the work for you and give you a place to neatly organize your stuff in one tidy corner of your office, garage, basement or whatever. You’ll be happy you did.
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Remember that locker we just mentioned you should own? It will have a perfect spot to rest your back-up putter, which every tortured golfer knows might come in handy. If your trusty gamer goes cold, a change of scenery might be exactly what you need. Make sure to have one ready.
Snow on the ground? Pouring rain outside? Too hot to play golf? Don’t let your game go south by not practicing over long stretches. Rolling a few putts here and there will do wonders for your game — and a consistent practice routine could make a significant difference.
OK, now the weather’s better, but maybe you still don’t have time to get to the range or golf course. No worries, you can still get some work done in the backyard. These outdoor nets will allow you to take full cuts and get your swings in, but another option is a chipping net of some sort. There are a ton on the market, but buying one that has a few different targets — allowing you to practice different types of chip shots with different trajectories — can shore up your short-game woes in no time. Remember, chipping is mostly feel and creativity, so reps with those wedges in your hands will get you comfortable and improve your confidence.
There’s an endless supply of cool golf gear floating around that doubles as great office/wall/garage decor and a conversation starter. Make sure to find at least one. Or 10. It’s an easy way to get your humble brags out while you can.
“Oh, cool St. Andrews poster. Have you been there?”
“Yes. Yes I have.” [Smirks]

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